FIT Infrared further growth into Asia

5th March 2013

Don and Paul in China

FIT Infrared produce gas catalytic systems for curing, drying, heating and VOC systems.

Their reputation in China as a proven and reliable supplier following the successful installation of their first project into a major engine manufacturer is significantly generating interest and demand for the UK based Manufacturer.

As with many UK manufacturing Businesses, to stay ahead of the competition FIT Infrared needed to broaden its customer base beyond the UK so they looked at Asia. FIT Infrared were determined to buck the trend of importing Chinese produced goods by manufacturing in the UK and exporting to Asia, this proved to be a successful strategy. The first oven and spray booth was pre-manufactured in their North East factory, fully tested and stripped down in kit form for shipment and re-installation at the China site. The project was completed on time and within budget with a very happy customer, ironically the customer wanted FIT Infrared to prominently display the Union flag on the oven and spray booth. Apparently “Made in Britain” stands for quality in China.

Following on from the successful completion of their first project in Asia, the reputation of FIT Infrared (EU) Ltd. has grown significantly.

Though China may lead the world in Manufacturing, when it comes to embracing new technology nobody wants to be first. This proved to be a challenge that FIT Infrared needed to overcome, with the support of the British Trade and Industry council FIT Infrared were able to build upon their successful installation in Chongqing (China) and presented at the Automechanika show in Shanghai. Interest was excellent, from many large Corporations, the most significant being MG Rover cars, who requested a visit to their plant as soon as possible. A visit to the MG Rover manufacturing site was arranged and attended by a delegation from the FIT Infrared UK and China sales teams.

As in the UK, China is becoming very aware of its responsibilities for the environment, with strict regulation being placed on Industry to reduce CO2 output, this is forcing all Businesses to challenge existing methods and embrace new energy saving technology. Catalytic systems provide a significant reduction in energy usage and CO2 output in excess of 70%.

FIT Infrared has increased its workforce significantly and are currently considering moving to a larger manufacturing facility. In addition, to satisfy the growing demand for catalytic systems in Asia FIT Infrared have set up a dedicated sales team based in Nanjing (China) who are being kept very busy.

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